Bargain Room

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QTYSKU  Description  CommentsPrice
288-330(2 Tube Metal Candle Mold)Slight Surface Rust20.00
4BM-340(Beekeepers Year Chart)Folded or creased corners8.50
1,540CN-271(58 mm Gold lid )dirty, can be washed, fit the 6 & 9 oz Hex jars.10 cents each
2CV-250(Nylon Honeymaker w/o veil XXL)72.45
2FD-111(10 FR Painted Top Feeder)Minor dings19.00
9804HD-126(Warped 10 FR PL Excluder)slightly warped1.00
13HD-155(10 FR Fume Board)9.75
1HD-175(Transformer 120V)Discontinued40.00
102HD-210(Nail 7d, per lb)2.36
12HD-467(Uncapping Punch)Crack in Handle18.25
1HD-616(Frame cleaner)rusty5.00
2HD-732(Deep Wax pan)Broken at the top of one end20.00
3HH-159(3/6 Side Crank Extractor)Dented but totaly useable320.00
1HH-176(4/8 Frame Motorized Extractor)New - Dented650.00
1HH-709(Used / Speed Control w/valve)875.00
3IR-215(Nylon Honeymaker w/hood Lg)Irregular material75.00
4MD-395(Candle Spray Glaze)Broken cap/dented can7.90
2PT-892(Aluminum Paint, 5 Gal)119.00
5VS-200(Small Vented Jacket)Discontinued75.00
158WT-125(Black Jack Roll)New : 13" X 167" 13.95
1WW-168(Delux Follower Board)13.95
3WW-178(10 FR Escape Screen)9.00
1WW-180(10 FR Double Screen Board (Splits))13.25
27WW-186(10 FR Entrance Guard w/excluder)factory seconds4.25
3WW-192(Nuc Moving/Robbing Screen)7.65
1WW-198(Form Board)6.95
4WW-243(10 FR Notched Inner Cover)minor imperfections7.75
2WW-245(Screened Inner Cover)7.75
104WW-246(10 Fr Assembled Inner Cover)6.95
53WW-248(discount 10 FR Screened Inner Cover)1/8" short on long side8.50
3WW-318(8 FR Painted Tele Cover)Minor dings24.50
3WW-345(8 FR Bottom Board)10.50
4WW-365(10FR Migratory Cover)8.50
1WW-675(8 Fr Varroa Screen Trap)8.50
7WW-690(10 FR Varroa w/drawer)slightly damaged18.90