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BeekeepingSee why beekeepers from all over the country prefer us!

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper or a new beekeeper, or even thinking about starting your own beehive, getting the right boxes to store your bees is a big investment. The right box can help keep your bees healthy and strong, the wrong box can mean an unhappy colony.

New beekeepers can enter their hives as frequently as every two weeks to watch the progress of the bees. As you grow more experienced, there’s less reason to need to go into the hives. Whether you are a seasoned beekeeper or new to beekeeping, it’s important to protect yourself. Protective gear should be worn to protect from bee stings. Our Honey Maker Bee Suits and Pollinator Jackets come in various sizes and materials. Choose from a cotton blend or nylon blend. Or if you want the features of our bee protection suit in a jacket, our Pollinator Jacket with Veil is a good fit.

Beehive Frames and Feeds for Sale

Putting together beehives and frames can be a tedious, time-consuming process that’s why Mann Lake offers assembled frames so that all that is left to do is install them in your boxes. Unassembled frames are also available. They are a great fit to your hive and offer the smoothest finish because of high precision cuts & milling.

Hive Construction of Plastic vs. Wood Beehive Frames

Top 5 reasons to go plastic:

  1. Beekeepers and their bees love it. It is the #1 foundation used by commercial beekeepers. Just spray each sheet with sugar water that and they will pull it fast.
  2. It lasts a long time and it is tough! It can resist mice and wax moths, it doesn’t droop in a hive, and the cells remain intact when you scrape the comb off with a hive tool.
  3. It is cheaper to buy than a wood frame. It saves you money from constantly replacing damaged foundation.
  4. Wax moths and mice cannot destroy it.
  5. It is easier to assemble, it snaps into frames so you don’t need a wire and nail in a wedge.

Our Rite-cell pro frame is five-times more rigid than a standard plastic frame.

With its steel reinforced ear, and a one piece design that requires no assembly it will make replacing your frames a much easier process.