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Call Us Today (800) 880-7694

About Us

Jack and Betty Thomas started Mann Lake in 1983 because they couldn't find the quality beekeeping supplies they needed for their own beekeeping hobby. They began selling supplies out of their garage on Mann Lake, but quickly found a lot of others who were underserved as well. Realizing the need was bigger than their garage they moved the business from their home to the city of Hackensack. Since then, buildings have gone up in Minnesota and California as the company has grown.

Having no children of their own to pass down the business to, Jack and Betty decided to transfer the ownership of the business to their employees to carry on what they started. They knew that when you're working for yourself and for your future, you work that much harder to innovate and add value to keep your customers happy and coming back.

We're an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company and 100% employee owned. As owners of our growing company we know that if we don't serve you, we not only won't have a job, we won't have a company. That's why we do our best to exceed your expectations for quality and service. We consider it our job to make your life as a beekeeper better and if you can think of ways we can do that, please let us know!

We have several new varroa mite controls in development and preliminary field study results are exciting! We have larger field studies scheduled in different parts of the country and hope to have these new products available soon!

We have concentrated on overall hive health, developing feed stimulants and highly nutritious pollen substitute products. The positive colony population outcome has been verified in independent nutrition studies.

We are listening to your suggestions and what you tell us your needs are and have improved our design and manufacturing processes for frames, feeders and more this year!

Overhead view of Mann Lake Ltd's Hackensack, MN campus