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Fumagilin®-B .5 grams

Fumagilin®-B .5 grams

    Fumagilin®-B .5 Gram Bottle (Makes 5 Gallons):

    In response to the shortage of Fumidil®-B, Mann Lake has secured permission from the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine to make Fumagilin®-B available in the USA. Fumagilin®-B is the only product registered in Canada for the treatment of Nosema in honeybee colonies.

    The soluble Nosema solution! University studies show Fumagilin®-B is 15 times more soluble than Fumidil®-B

    • Easy to Mix.
      Dissolves without heating and mixes directly into syrup. Easy mixing means you can feel confident your bees are getting the right dosage every time.
    • No Residue in Honey.
      When used as directed.
    • Cost Effective.
      Reduces expensive colony replacement and results in more productive colonies.
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