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Terra-Pro 1 lb (453.59g)

Terra-Pro 1 lb (453.59g)

    Terra-Pro 1 lb Canister (24 Treatments):

    Terra-Pro is a medicated feed mix which contains Terramycin™, Bee-Pro®, sucrose and other vitamins and minerals. It is recommended as an aid in the prevention and treatment of American and European Foulbrood. Terra-Pro should be fed early in the spring and fall and should be consumed by the bees before main honey flow begins.

    For spring treatment, use 2 level tablespoons (approx. 200 mgs) of Terra-Pro mix around the edges and ends of brood frames and top bars of the brood chamber. Fall treatment consists of 2 level tablespoons of Terra-Pro around the hole of the inner cover of the hive. Three applications at 4 - 5 day intervals in spring and fall are needed. 1 lb. and 10 lb. canisters come with a convenient measuring spoon.

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