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Package of 10 SuperBoost 1 - 49 packages

Package of 10 SuperBoost 1 - 49 packages

    Superboost - Package of 10:

    Our revolutionary new product, SuperBoost (patent pending) developed in collaboration between Pherotech and Texas A & M University, is the ultimate solution to improve the health and vigor of beehives as well as improve crop pollination.

    SuperBoost is a 10-component brood pheromone delivery device that is easily hung between the frames. The wafer delivery allows workers to surround the slow release pheromone membrane surface where they contact and spread the brood pheromone. One SuperBoost placed in the hive works for over 30 days.

    Scientific Studies Show SuperBoost:

    • Increases the colony growth rate in the summer and winter
    • Increases queen feeding and egg laying rate
    • Increases honey production
    • Stimulates feeding on pollen patties and liquid feed
    • Lowers the age of first foraging by worker bees
    • Increases the pollen load each foraging worker
    • Increases the number of young worker bees
    • Increases the number of foragers by up to 150%
    • Inhibits swarming
    • Increases the number of pollen foragers by up to 150%
    • Increases the number of nectar foragers by up to 150%
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