The easy NEW solution for the #1 threat to bee health

HopGuard™ is the newest product to aid in the fight against varroa mite. The varroa mite reduces hive health, and increases susceptibility to other bee diseases which can all be transferred bee to bee…hive to hive. Mites reduce winter survivability, and many have become resistant to existing control agents.

The great thing about HopGuard™ is you can treat anytime, even during honey flow! HopGuard™ is composed of all food grade products… Bee safe and easy to use! No strip removal is needed; the bees will do the job for you! HopGuard™ will not disrupt normal colony behavior such as queen egg lying because it is non-toxic to brood and bees.

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HopGuard has been approved for use under Section 18 emergency use exemptions in selected states. HopGuard does not have Section 18 emergency use exemption in all states. Check with your local department of ag or call Mann Lake to see if HopGuard is available for use in your state.