$30.00 PER PACK $0.60 PER STRIP


  • Composed entirely of food grade products
  • No negative effects on normal hive activity
  • Bee and brood tolerance
  • Acceptable for queen breeders with no negative effects on egg laying


Strips must be applied at the rate of one strip per five deep combs covered with bees in each brood super or for example two strips per ten frame brood super (chamber) when all combs are covered with bees. Strips are to be placed only in the brood chamber (not in the honey super). Folded strips must be opened and hung over one of the center brood frames near the middle of the frame with one-half of the strip on each side of the frame. If using a second strip, apply it to an adjacent center frame about four inches away from the first strip. Do not lay the strips on top of the frames. A maximum of three applications per year (six strips or approximately 11.52 grams of potassium salt of hop beta acids) per ten frame brood super (chamber) is allowed. Application timing (usually during spring, summer, and fall) should be based on levels of Varroa mite observed in the colony. Users may not take honey and wax from the brood chambers, only from the honey supers.

Any adverse effects resulting from the use of HopGuard™ under this emergency exemption must be immediately reported to your State Department of Agriculture.

Using this product in rotation with another approved miticide with a different mode of action will decrease the potential for Varroa mites to develop resistance. If the strip remains in the hive more than 4 weeks remove.


Unused strips should be stored in a tightly sealed, cool, dark area. Unused, unregistered product must either be returned to the manufacturer or distributor in unopened containers or disposed of in accordance with the Resource Conservation Recovery Act following the expiration of this emergency exemption.

HopGuard has been approved for use under Section 18 emergency use exemptions in selected states. HopGuard does not have Section 18 emergency use exemption in all states. Check with your local department of ag or call Mann Lake to see if HopGuard is available for use in your state.