8 1/2" X 16 3/4" (13.67 cm x 42.55 cm) Large Cell Medium Brood Drone Foundation - 20 lbs / Approx 14

8 1/2" X 16 3/4" (13.67 cm x 42.55 cm) Lg Cell Med Brood Drone Foundation - 20 lbs/Approx 140 Sheets

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Drone foundation has been primarily used by queen breeders to produce large numbers of drones in the mating yard. With the destruction caused by the Varroa Mite came the realization that mites favored the drone brood because of the longer gestation period. As a method of control, one drone frame is placed in the brood nest. Once the drone brood is capped, the frame is frozen then the brood is removed, usually by scratching the cells open with the capping scratcher.

Use with 9⅝" (24.45 cm) hive bodies and 9⅛" (23.18 cm) frames.

For the best results, use a wedged top bar and split bottom bar.

Special shipping restrictions may apply to wax foundation during cold weather months, please call 800-880-7694 for details.

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