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  • GOLD-CLUB-MEMBERSHIP Gold Club Annual Subscription

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    Join Gold Club and enjoy these sweet benefits: ✓ Priority order handling. ✓ 2.5% Rewards ✓ Additional 5% discount on all in-store transactions*. See below for more details.

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  • $130.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redeem rewards on everything?
2.5% rewards can be redeemed everything except syrup shipments or liquid sugar.

Are there any exclusions to the 5% discount when shopping in-store?
Some exclusions may apply. Sale items and bulk syrup are excluded from the 5% discount.

What is priority handling?
Being part of the Gold Club means your orders will be picked and processed before non-Gold Club customers.

How do I use my rewards?
Rewards of at least $20 will be posted to your account in March and September. For example, if you spend $800 in January, a credit of $20 will be posted to your Gold Club account in March. After posting, your rewards don't expire, and you can apply your credit to your purchase anytime.

When will my rewards be ready to redeem?
Rewards accrued will be posted onto accounts twice a year, once during March and again during September.

Terms and conditions: Your annual membership of $130 will be automatically renewed unless you cancel. Sales tax is due where applicable. Purchases must be paid within terms. Reward balances are non-transferrable. When ordering online, member must be logged into their customer account to earn rewards. Earn rewards on all purchases. Points cannot be redeemed for syrup shipments or liquid sugar. 5% discount is applicable to all products available unless otherwise specified.

Gold Club Annual Subscription
Gold Club Annual Subscription