Beekeeper's Tool Box


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Have everything you need to work in the bee yard in one location. Perfect for keeping your queen cells at the perfect temperature en route to the beeyard plus carry all of your beekeeping tools, from smoker to frame grip, frame perch to extra frames. Solid construction with a hinged lid and heavy-duty latch.

Tools sold separately.

Note: Discontinued Item, Only Available while Supplies last


  • 13.50 x 23.25 x 13.50 inches
  • 16.60 LBS
  • Box Only


  • 5

    Great Toolbox

    by James Mike Myler on Apr 25th 2022

    I just started with my first hive last month. Am learning as I go. Had new tools scattered from yard shed to hive. This toolbox is the perfect answer. It is well made. Holds all my basic stuff. Rubbed it down with mineral oil left over from hive stand leg ant suppressors so it should last me a long long time.

  • 2

    beekeeper's tool box

    by Robert Weeks on Apr 13th 2022

    the box is excellently put together and i have no problems with the box. However, that is problem you only get the box. you do not get any of the tools shown. I think they should at least put a note that it is the box ONLY, and along with that a list of what tools you should consider buying and a diagram of where those tools are meant to be stored. they could even benefit by putting together a couple of packages for the buyer. Now a veteran Beekeeper knows and may otherwise everything they need, but this would be a big help for beginners