6 1/4" Medium Unassembled Frames - Wedge Top and Split Bottom with Pre-drilled Holes in Endbars - 10 Pack

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Recommended Add-on

Recommended Add-on

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Choose Wedge top bars for wax foundation to either wire in yourself or simply add in foundation. If wiring, you must purchase frames with pre-drilled holes in endbars.

  • High precision cuts and milling
  • Standard outside dimensions - works with all uncappers
  • Bottom bar is 33% thicker
  • Full ½" (1.27 cm) thick bottom bar
  • Less burr comb and fewer blowouts!
  • Unparalleled fit!
  • Use 6 5/8" Supers and 5 5/8" Foundation. Wedged Top Bars are best for pure beeswax foundation.
  • Nails not included. 


  • 3.50 x 7.50 x 19.40 inches
  • 4.05 LBS


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    by Mark Habel on May 3rd 2022

    In one box of frames so far there was 1split bottom that was delivered broken into 2 pieces. It can be mended and used.