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Support AHPA Honey Antidumping Lawsuit

For decades, imports of honey have been pouring into the domestic market. American beekeepers have struggled to get fair prices for their honey due to of this flood of imports. 

“The increased domination of imports over domestic production is a direct consequence of low prices which have robbed beekeepers of the incentive to produce honey, increase volumes and expand operations” (International Honey Market Report). 

The American Honey Producers Association, along with the Sioux Honey Association, and legal counsel, have continued to work diligently on the Raw Honey Anti-Dumping Duty Orders case. 

This fight is for each American beekeeper and honey producer—the hardworking men and women who intensely strive to keep their operations running and their bees healthy. If unfairly traded imports of honey are continually allowed to be dumped into the U.S. market, these beekeepers may find it difficult to keep their operations going. American beekeepers deserve fair prices for their honey. 

Thankfully, positive results from this anti-dumping case are already being observed. Various data sources show honey prices are rising, a leading indicator that the initial rulings on the case are already working as intended. The final hearing was on April 12th and transcripts are publicly available. The final vote is scheduled for May 11th at 11 am. 

Leaders in the honey industry have spent countless hours advocating for the American honey producer and beekeeper. They have contributed generous monetary amounts out of their own pockets to cover the necessary legal fees. 

Anyone can join this fight and contribute to this effort! Donations are always appreciated and needed to cover ongoing legal fees. You can do your part to support the American honey producer and protect the future of the American beekeeper.


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Article written by Mattie Joiner, assisted by AHPA President, Chris Hiatt, and AHPA Executive Board Member, Matt Halbegwachs