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  • dc-137 Hive Alive™ - 67.63 oz (2 l)

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    Hive Alive is a feed enhancer combining natural bio-active ingredients which promote intestinal well-being and improved colony strength. Feeds up to 200 hives.

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Why choose HiveAlive?

HiveAlive is scientifically proven to give:


HiveAlive contains unique, natural ingredients

SEAWEED EXTRACTS: seaweeds have been consistently shown to improve animal health - productivity, immune function, gut health, nutrition.

THYME: blended using a unique emulsification process to ensure that no separation or re-crystallisation occurs.

LEMONGRASS: at the optimal concentration so that it does not cause robbing.


As little as 2 tsp of HiveAlive is required per hive for feeding. Simply add to syrup. We recommend feeding a minimum of 1 gallon of activated syrup per hive but all syrup fed can be activated with HiveAlive.

(100ml feeds 10 hives, 500ml feeds 50 hives, 2L feeds 200 hives)


  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • Aids new queen acceptance
  • Reduces bearding/absconding associated with thymol based miticides
  • Works well in combination with probiotic feeding


HiveAlive has been fed to millions of colonies around the world…

“The colonies we fed with HiveAlive last year have had only 15 percent losses so far, compared to 25 percent for the rest. They appear to have built-up very well. There were 75 colonies that we started from packages in early April and we split them into 300 in mid-June. My close beekeeper friend who runs about 300 colonies bought the same packages of bees in April. He also split them, but he didn't experience the same buildup that I saw in my bees. He did not use HiveAlive, and he has since seen losses of about 35 percent, so far. He plans to buy some HiveAlive this week.”

Nick S., 1000 colonies, New York, USA

“I have been very impressed with the product so far. I work closely with another local beekeeper and we generally follow similar treatment protocols. Early in the fall, both of us had losses of around 20 percent, but by late November, we noticed his hives were not as strong as mine, and he has since incurred greater losses. The one main difference in our operations: I use HiveAlive.”

Steve S., 200 colonies, Michigan, USA

“I add HiveAlive to all my sugar syrup and have seen an increase in bee numbers, health, and resistance to disease. HA is a permanent part of my feeding protocol.”

Clarke, Georgia, USA

“We have been using Hive Alive for three years now and have found it to be very effective in bee health. We operate 20,000 hives in around the center of the North Island, producing Clover, Bush honey and manuka honey. We feed Hive Alive in the autumn. The population increases rapidly and honey production increased. On average production per hive is approximately 25% more and the hives are more consistent in the production. We test our bees for Nosema ceranae during spring and have found that it has a very low or non-detectable level. To summarise we would recommend using Hive Alive to beekeepers because honey production per hive far exceeds the cost of the product.”

Donald Tweeddale, Commercial Beekeeper (20,000 hives), New Zealand

Hive Alive™ - 67.63 oz (2 l)
Hive Alive™ - 67.63 oz (2 l)