Clarkson Honeyfest

The annual Clarkson Honeyfest was named for the Walter T. Kelley Company, which is now known as Kelley Beekeeping Company. For the last 23 years, the entire city has celebrated by decorating homes and businesses, lawns and storefronts. Light poles proudly wave bee-themed flags and ribbon bouquets throughout the city, welcoming attendees from all over Kentucky and surrounding states. The entire community has embraced and generously supports the events that draw thousands of people into the town each September for the wholesome, family oriented atmosphere and festivities. Clarkson Honeyfest is held the last Thursday, Friday and Saturday in September and hosts numerous activities such as a beauty pageant, decorating contest, children’s rides, parade, karaoke contest as well as food and craft booths. There are bluegrass and gospel music performances at night, ending with a southern country/rock band on Saturday night. It’s a good time to be had by all.

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  2. Jimmy Mahuron

    Friends of Kelley Beehiv Factory,

    Sorry we could not be there at Walter today. We had storms in our area and had to cut a tree up and moved it today. Little sore sow now so we decided to stay at home. Have a Great Day at the Walter Kelley Beehive Factory today!

    Jimmy, Winn, James, Nathan Mahuron