Comb Honey Production

Prior to the introduction of the removable frame (Langstroth hive design), comb honey was the choice way to consume honey. Comb honey is honey just as the bees made it. It is in its most natural state and many people claim that comb honey has many more health benefits than liquid “extracted honey” because you consume not only honey but propolis and pollen as well. Not to mention the honey in the comb has not been exposed to the air since the bees have capped it. When it comes to producing comb honey, it can be difficult. Looks and appeal are key factors and one must have a very strong hive and nectar flow in order to draw the comb out and cap it once it is filled with honey.

There are two different styles of comb honey. Section comb and cut comb. Section comb honey is created in specialized sections within a super. These sections are pieces you as the beekeeper will add to the hive. Once the bees produce the comb honey the super is removed. Then the sections are removed from the super and are ready to be packaged. Here at Kelley Beekeeping we offer two different styles of section comb honey kits. The “Ross Round” Section Super Kit or the “Square” Comb Honey Kit.

The other style is referred to as cut comb honey. This is a more simple way to produce comb honey because it utilizes normal honey super frames with a very thin, wireless wax foundation. The honey is produced in the same way as the section comb honey but you will need a cutting tool to cut out the comb. For the cut comb production we recommend the shallow super shallow super, frames either D style or S style and the Comb Cutter .

Be sure to order the appropriate foundation for the appropriate style of comb honey production. We also have several options when it comes to packaging and labeling comb honey.

4 thoughts on “Comb Honey Production

  1. Dana Lawrence

    Do you carry the tool or device that helps seam the basswood comb frames together?
    My grandpa was a beekeeper in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and had such a thing in his workshop. We used to help him put the frames together.

    1. Kelley Beekeeping

      We do not have a tool to help seam it but we do offer a tool to separate the frame.


    Nice Blog, bees & plants are important for human. Save honey bees, butterfly & pollinators – HPLCCO.ORG. I appreciate those NGO who are working for nature.

  3. Kirk Landes

    Would you happen to know how many pounds or grams of wax is in a healthy medium super. Just an average no need to be exact.