Honey Harvesting Tools- Uncapping

As I walk out to the hives and see the boxes stacked; I start to get a little excited about what is to come. It’s honey harvesting time! When you’re ready to harvest, it’s a good idea to make sure you have everything you need ready to go. In order to get the honey out of the frames you’ll have to uncap the cells, but which uncapping tools should you use?

There are many different kinds of uncapping devices, from scratchers to heated knives. The easiest way to remove the cappings is with an Electric Knife. The Electric Knife is heated and makes removing the cappings a quick and easy process. If there are any cappings missed by the knife, you can use the Uncapping Scratcher to open the caps left behind. You can also use the Uncapping Scratcher to uncap the entire frame, but doing it this way is generally messier and takes more time.

An Uncapping Scratcher is an easy way to remove cappings from your frame

Or you could use a Cold Knife, which means that it is not heated, to remove the cappings. The Cold Knife works best when you heat it in warm water first to warm up the blade. The Uncapping Planer is slightly different from the Electric Knife. It heats up and cuts the cappings off just like the Electric Knife, but the Planer has an adjustable blade to change the depth of your cut and a guide for right-handed and left-handed beekeepers.

A cold knife or an electric knife make removing wax capping fast and easy

Another tool that you can use for uncapping is something called an Uncapping Roller which pops open the capping for quick extracting.

Once you have determined which tool you want to use to uncap your frames, you’ll be able to start extracting your honey. For guidelines on how to extract your honey visit our blog How to Extract Honey – for Newbees.

Best Wishes and Happy Harvesting!

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