Now available! 3 Grades of Deeps and Mediums!

Since 1924, we’ve been a leader in providing beekeepers with quality products and excellent customer service. We are excited to announce that we have expanded our selection in mediums and deeps. We now offer a Select Grade, Commercial Grade, and a brand-new Economy Grade.

The Economy Grade hive boxes are perfect for the budget-conscious beekeeper. Made of the same Eastern White Pine as our Commercial and Select Grade hive boxes, these hive boxes are a good choice if you are trying to stick to a budget, or when you want to set up a large number of hives at once. Check out our comparison document for more details on the three different grades.

We’re most excited about our new Economy Grade hive boxes. With the Economy Grade, you’ll find the same fit and functionality as the other two grades we offer, but these specific boxes will likely have red or black knots (the knots will not be able to be pushed out). You may also find pitch pockets (example below) and tear outs, but these things will not affect the functionality of the boxes. This Economy Grade woodenware is available unassembled in both deep hive bodies and medium supers. And you can get yours at a great price!

Pitch pockets in wood
An example of pitch pockets in wood

They are made with the same care and attention to detail as the other quality products we offer. If you’re looking to expand your beekeeping operation or are on a tight budget, our new Economy Grade hive boxes are an excellent choice. Shop our three grades now! 

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