Starplate Roof Cap Deluxe Kits

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By popular demand we brought back the Starplate Roof Cap. You can buy it alone or in a kit. The roof cap answers one of the questions we frequently get when building the Starplate kit: How do I roof the peak? Now you simply take the roof cap and bolt it down to the top Starplate. Now the easy to use building kit just got even easier!
PC-612: Roof Cap, Starplate Set, Bolts and Washers for 2x2 Frame Construction

1. Roof Cap
2. Silicone Sealant
3. 1 -8" Bolt, nut and washer to connect roof cap.
4. 50 - 2" Bolts, Nuts and Washers to Connect Frame.
5. Starplate kit - 11 Plates
6. Instructions
7. Lumber Cutting Templates


  • 15.83 LBS