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  • BE-312 Queen Bee - Saskatraz - Clarkson, KY - Pick-up Only

  • Description

    Our young, naturally mated Saskatraz queens come from an experienced, well-respected breeder. Known for excellent honey production, good wintering ability, and show increased hygenic behavior.

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  • $40.00

  • Pick-up Location: 807 West Main Street Clarkson, KY 42726
  • Sorry, we are currently sold out of 'Queen Bee - Saskatraz - Clarkson, KY - Pick-up Only' for the season. Please check back later.
  • Saskatraz Research
  • Saskatraz queens come exclusively from our breeder
  • Young and naturally mated Saskatraz queens
  • Known for excellent honey production
  • Good wintering ability
  • Selected for increased varroa tolerance and resistance to brood diseases
  • Show increased hygienic behavior
  • Available for pick-up starting in April at our Clarkson, KY location ONLY. All pick-ups are after 2 PM CST on weekdays.  All pick-ups are before 12 PM CST on Saturdays. (Closed on Sunday.) Select a preferred pick-up date. We will contact you if a change in date is required.

Package bee orders are prepaid. Orders are subject to a $5 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed.

Queen Bee - Saskatraz - Clarkson, KY - Pick-up Only
Queen Bee - Saskatraz - Clarkson, KY - Pick-up Only