MiteZapper ®  Control Box

MiteZapper Control Box

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Discontinued - only available while supplies last!

Resembling a heating element, the MiteZapper® is a hive frame that is built as a Drone Foundation. Varroa mites are 10 - 12 times more likely to prefer drone cells. Install the MiteZapper® into the super as easily as a regular frame. After the bees seal the brood, the beekeeper connects the frame to the control box, which is then connected to a 12 volt vehicle battery (not included) for about 8 minutes. The electricity produces enough heat to kill both the pupae and the mites. The bees then remove the dead brood/mites within 24 - 36 hours. Treatment is performed approximately 5 times per year (every 21 - 25 days during the drone rearing season.)

Over 5 years in the field tested and proven. Utilizing heat technology, the MiteZapper® is 85% - 95% effective in controlling varroa WITHOUT CHEMICALS.

  • After installation, no need to open your colony for treatment
  • Avoid lifting heavy honey supers
  • Kills varroa inside the brood cell
  • Cost effective, save money over time
  • Can be used with honey supers on
  • Treatment is simple, just connect and let MiteZapper® do the work
  • Smaller/lighter 12 volt 35Ah battery can be used
  • Intelligent controller, monitors data for efficient and safe operation

Not for sale to Canada. Battery not included. Frame sold separately.

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