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About Us

We provide beekeeping supplies to the beginning beekeeping hobbyist and the professional beekeeping industry alike. We carry a comprehensive line of hives and hive kits, protective clothing, queen rearing equipment, beekeeping tools, tracheal mite controls and varroa mite controls, as well as honey extraction equipment and honey bottling supplies.

The past 35 years have brought about many changes to Mann and the beekeeping industry. With the passing of time, we are as determined as ever to ensure the survival of the honeybee for all. Regardless of the number of hives you have, we at Mann have the same goal in mind as you.... to keep this "natural pollinator" flourishing.

How We Started

How We Started

Jack and Betty Thomas started Mann Lake Ltd. in 1983 because they couldn't find the quality beekeeping supplies they needed for their own beekeeping hobby. They began selling supplies out of their garage, but quickly found a lot of other beekeepers were under-served as well. Realizing the need was bigger than their garage they moved the business from their home to the city of Hackensack. Since then, buildings have gone up in Minnesota, California, Pennsylvania and Texas as the company has grown.

Our Hackensack, MN branch is still the hub of our business. We manufacture the majority of the products and bee feeds that you receive, here at the home office. Because of our ability to keep all of these processes "in house" we can ensure the quality of the products that you purchase. Our sales and customer service staff in all of our locations work together to make sure your experience with us is nothing short of great.

How We've Grown

How We've Grown

The Mann Lake family has grown again this year with the addition of Kelley Beekeeping and Stromberg's Chicks & Gamebirds as well as a new location in Florida. As always, we are excited about growing and the additional opportunities to serve our customers.

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