Winterizing Bee Hives

Winter doesn’t have to spell disaster for your honey bees. By implementing strategic winter preparations, such as planning winter feeding and insulating hives, you can strengthen weak hives, safeguard stored honey, and help your winter cluster and queen bee endure the cold. Our exceptional range of top-quality products can shield your honey bee cluster from pests like mice and improve colony survival rate during the winter months.

Ensure Your Bees’ Safety and Comfort

Trust Mann Lake to provide an extensive selection of superior winterizing products designed to maintain your bees' well-being in the colder months:

  • 10 Frame Wintering Inner Cover. Use this inner cover usable all year long to protect your hives against heat and cold.
  • Single Bee Cozy. Provide an insulation layer around your hive with this environmentally friendly R8 fiberglass and UV-treated polypropylene wrap.
  • Bee Cozy Winter Wraps. Help your bees withstand winter temperatures by insulating the hive from wind, cold, and precipitation with these wraps.
  • 10 Frame Easy on Hive Cover. Keep your bees comfortable with this water- and wind-proof cover that helps the hive stay warm.
  • 10 Frame Moisture Board. Protect your hives from moisture build-up during the winter months with our moisture board.
  • 8 Frame Insulation for Wintering Cover. Enhance the thermal performance of your wintering cover with this insulation designed to help maintain the ideal temperature within the hive.
  • 8 Frame Mouse Guard. Prevent mice from entering the hive, while still allowing the bees full access.

Mann Lake stocks other mouse guards to help your bees survive the winter season to help reduce hive entrances by mice and can fit 8 and 10 frames.

Shopping for Winterizing Products with Mann Lake

Invest in high-quality winterizing supplies today and rest easy knowing your hives are warm and safe this winter.

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