Medications & Treatment

Honey bees are susceptible to an assortment of parasites and diseases within the hive. As a beekeeper, you must watch out for signs of disease or parasites like Varroa mites and other pests in the hive. Mann Lake is here to help. Find the perfect solutions to keep your hive healthy and happy in our wide selection of bee medications, treatments, and supplies.

Bee Treatment Options and Medications Available

Once you’ve identified a parasite or disease within the hive, taking proactive steps to eliminate it is essential to your colony’s survival. Mann Lake offers a huge selection of treatments and medication for Varroa and tracheal mites, foulbrood, wax moths, hive beetles, and more. You’ll find the best quality medications and treatments, including Terramycin, mite strips, oxalic acid, and more here.

Essential Pest Control Supplies for Beehives

Having the right equipment is crucial for treating bees should a parasitic or pest infestation arise in the hive. Mann Lake provides a range of solutions, from traps and baffles for evicting beetles to vaporizers for eliminating mites. We also offer various accessories such as gloves, debris boards, bags, and comb frames for efficient and effective hive management.