Live Queen Bees

Queen Bees for Sale

Our selection of live queen honey bees are bred to produce impressive colonies. They also have manageable temperaments and can thrive in various climates, producing productive worker bees and strong colonies. Shop online and find everything you need for successful queen rearing. Whether you wish to start or restock your bee supply, we’re here to help.

The Queen Bees You’ll Find Shopping with Mann Lake

Elevate your beekeeping success by introducing our healthy and high-quality queen bees to your thriving hives:

  • Florida-Raised Italian Queen Bee. Italian Queen Bees are known for their honey production in their colouny, hardy in nature, and highly adaptable to their environments climate.
  • OHB Carniolan Queen Bee. Known for winter hardiness, high yields, and resistance to tracheal mites, the Carniolan Queen Bee is an excellent choice.
  • Southern Bred Russian Hybrid Queen Bee. A hybrid that results from Italian drones mating with Russian queens, the Russian Hybrid Queen Bee delivers productivity and exceptional wintering capabilities.
  • OHB Saskatraz Queen Bee. Renowned for high yields, good temperament, pest resistance, and wintering ability, Saskatraz Queen Bees are dependable and efficient.
  • OHB Italian Queen Bee. Gentle and easy to manage, these bees are perfect for beginners, with a strong winter hardiness and Varroa Sensitive Hygiene trait for mite resistance.
  • Florida-Raised Carniolan Queen Bee. - Ideal for starting a hive, this queen excels at increasing spring brood production, allowing a rich honey flow.

Each of these queen bee varieties possesses unique qualities making them suitable for different climates and levels of experience for beekeepers.

Why Choose Us?

At Mann Lake, we’re specialists in beekeeping supplies. We’ve been shipping honey bees and queens for years and can guarantee healthy queens to all beekeepers. We package bees safely for shipping and pickup to ensure a smooth process for you. Call us today at 1(800)880-7694 for more information on our queen bees and beekeeping.