Live Queen Bees

Live Queen Bees

Browse our queen honey bees to build a thriving hive. Each queen bee from Mann Lake is bred for impressive honey production, manageable temperaments, and increased tolerance of varroa mites and other pests in the hive.

Our queen bees for sale include Italian, Russian, Carniolan, Saskatraz, and many other hybrid queen bee breeds—fit for any of your beekeeping needs.

For professional, intermediate, or beginner beekeepers, investing in queens with a high honey yield is the best decision you can make for a fresh hive at any season or time of year.

Whether you’re aiming to begin a productive colony for beekeeping as a hobby or for commercial purposes, the importance of queens is undeniable for any colony in any location. To unite the bees in your colony and lay the eggs, queen bees should be your top priority if you’re starting from scratch with a hive.

Many of our queens can be shipped, and others are available for pickup. As you’re browsing our site for honey bees and other items, keep us in mind for future hives and colonies.

At Mann Lake, we always strive to provide an excellent customer experience. We aim to be your number one stop for all things beekeeping and to build a successful, productive hive.