Florida Raised Italian Queen Bee

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FL Italian Queen Bees embody adaptability and excel in honey production, making them perfect for every environmental condition. If you're in search of honey bees that consistently excel in honey production, with a strong focus on raising brood and a gentle disposition, Italian QueenBees are your ideal choice.

Strengths of our FL Italian Queen Bees:

  • High Productivity and Honey Creation
  • Prolific Brood Rearing
  • Gentle and Docile Nature
  • Excellent Comb Builders
  • Superb Foragers
  • Low Swarming Tendency
  • Strong Cleaning Behaviors

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    Queen bees

    by James Runyon on Feb 04, 2024

    I recently purchased queens from Mann Lake on Jan. 24,2024 and they are all laying beautiful patterns! Coming back for more!