Assembled Bee Hive Kits

Keeping bees has never been this fun. Set up your beehives in no time with Mann Lake’s assembled hive kits. Grow your colony or build a strong foundation to start a new beehive with high-quality hive kits with painted and unpainted options.

Find the Ideal Bee Box and Hive Components

Select the perfect bee box for your colony with our range of super kits. Our kits include a fully assembled hive body, telescoping cover, deep brood boxes, and a sturdy bottom board to ensure stability.

Each bee box is complemented by an inner cover for insulation and protection, providing a secure environment for your bees to thrive.

And more! Our assembled bee hives are built with the highest-quality wood frames to create a conducive and safe environment for honey bees and their queen.

Assembly Made Easy with Quality Parts

Ease your beekeeping journey with our pre-assembled frames and deep hive body options. These components are designed for immediate use, allowing you to focus on growing your colony rather than construction. Our kits offer both novice and experienced beekeepers a seamless setup experience.