Assembled Hive Kits

Keeping bees has never been this fun. Set up your beehives in no time with Mann Lake’s assembled hive kits. Grow your colony or build a strong foundation to start a new beehive with high-quality hive kits with painted and unpainted options.

Find the Right Hive Kits for Your Colony

These kits have a hive body, wax foundation, brood chamber, and strong frames for professional beekeeping. Choose from a variety of options, depending on the size of your hive and the features you want:

And more!

Our assembled bee hives are built with the highest-quality wood to create a conducive and safe environment for honey bees and their queen.

Shop Quality Hive Kits Now

Purchasing assembled hive kits is a time-saving option, eliminating the need for constructing or assembling the hive kit yourself. This ensures a top-quality honey bee hive with minimal room for error compared to building the hives from scratch.