Incubator & Brooder

Chicken Incubator & Brooder Supplies

Whether you are a poultry enthusiast or a professional breeder, you need the right equipment for a successful breeding program. Use the right tools and watch your eggs and newly hatched chicks thrive.

Cabinet and Tabletop Incubators

At Mann Lake, we understand that eggs and chicks need the right environment for them to thrive. Without the proper humidity and temperature, the hatch rate of your eggs can drop significantly. Without consistent warmth and protection, the mortality rate of your chicks can skyrocket.

This is why we have state-of-the-art incubators and brooders. With temperature and humidity control settings, our incubators and brooders help you achieve a successful hatching process and develop healthy chicks. Use them with our bulbs, lamps, and thermometers to get the ideal environment for your eggs and new birds.

Standing and Box Brooders

When considering using a brooder for your egg hatching process, it's important to consider the size, capacity, and features that best suit your needs.

Standing brooders are ideal for those with larger flocks, offering ample space and ease of access, while box brooders are perfect for smaller setups or limited spaces. Look for models with adjustable heating, easy-to-clean materials, and proper ventilation to ensure a healthy environment for your chicks.

Automatic Egg Turning and More for Optimal Hatching

Without an egg turner, an embryo can suffer from developmental problems such as deformities, malformations, and even death. Simplify the egg-turning process with an automatic egg turner from Mann Lake. They don’t just reduce the risks associated with hatching eggs but also save you time.

We also have the other accessories you need for a successful hatch and a more manageable breeding program. Our brooder racks, egg trays, and growing cage expansion kits help ensure your new flock grows strong and healthy.

With our incubation equipment and brooders, you can nurture your flock with confidence right from the start.