Education, Crafts & Gifts

Education, Crafts, & Beekeeping Gifts

Browse many unique gift ideas at Mann Lake for the bee lover, seasoned professional, or amateur beekeeper on your shopping list. 

For those getting started in the beekeeping world, investing in all the tools and equipment can be expensive, so gifting some of the items they’ll need is a great way to support their new venture. 

Consider Educational Supplies and Practical Gifts

For the enthusiastic beekeeper on your shopping list, consider gifting them practical items such as beekeeping equipment or hive tools they can use while working in the bee yard or when extracting honey. 

Education is a major component of becoming an effecient beekeeper. Consider helping your friend or family member to brush up on your beekeeping techniques with our selection of beekeeping books to understand honey bee biology, behavior, essentials, and more. 

For DIY lovers, Mann Lake carries various candle molds, wicking supplies, wax pearls, and beeswax blocks to make soap, lip balms, candles, crafts, and cosmetics! 

Shop Gifts for Beekeepers at Mann Lake

From seeds to molds, bee keychains, gift cards, and informational guides like the classic Beekeeper’s Handbook, you’ll find no shortage of trinkets, mementos, and interesting items to gift to every person who loves bees. Gift a coffee mug painted with dancing honey bees or give them other home decorations like flower vases, picture frames, and utensil holders. At Mann Lake, we’ve got the perfect bee-themed gift for anyone and everyone!