Poultry Netting for Your Chicken Coop

At Mann Lake, we understand how important it is to provide a safe and secure environment for your chickens. This is why we have an extensive collection of poultry netting designed to accommodate different poultry setups.

Whether you are a chicken enthusiast or an experienced livestock breeder, we have complete chicken netting solutions for you.

Built from durable and UV-resistant polyethylene, our knotted netting options can last up to 10 years even in harsh conditions such as snow. Their heavy-duty construction allows them to withstand up to 85 lbs of weight.

Choose between 1” and 2” mesh sizes depending on your poultry setup. If you have smaller birds such as baby chicks and quails, the 1” mesh size is ideal to protect against smaller predators. But if you have a more mature flock with adult pheasants and chickens, the 2” mesh size is appropriate to keep larger predators outside.

Fence Posts for Electric Poultry Netting and More

Our fence posts are designed to support your poultry netting and create a secure environment for your animals. Constructed from reinforced polypropylene with a heavy-duty spike, these fence posts are reliable and stable.

They are also incredibly versatile. They are equipped with clips where you can attach an electric poultry netting. You can also use them for boundary line marking, crowd control, and even gardening.

With our versatile fence posts, you can build a protective barrier no matter your farm setup.