Glass Honey Containers

At Mann Lake, we understand the importance of quality and innovation, even in the smallest details. Our glass honey jars and containers can help build your promising beekeeping business or supply you with the right tools for your hobby.

Our glass containers are made of high-quality material priced at fair and competitive rates to ensure your money-making goods are fit for storage and shipping.

Versatile Selection of Glass Honey Containers

Our glass jars come in varied styles and designs that add much-needed class and style to your storage needs. We’ve got everything from old-fashioned glass muth jars to modern hex jars.

Each jar in our product line is measured in honey weight to ensure that every drop of honey you collect won’t go to waste.

*Note: Lids, corks, and caps for glass honey jars are sold separately

Multi-Purpose Glass Jars

Whether you’re just starting or running a full-scale commercial beekeeping business, our honey jars will suit your needs.

Each jar is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring you get a quality product. You can use our honey jars not just for storing honey but also for other products like marmalade, jam, and other kitchen cupboard essentials.