Assembled 6 5/8" Super Kit with Assembled Frames and Waxed Plastic Foundation


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Be ready for the honey flow when the bees are with our fully assembled 6 5/8" (16.83 cm) Super Kit! Our Super Kits are made with quality pine and every box is stapled for added strength. Includes 1 Medium 6⅝" (16.83 cm) Assembled Super with Assembled Frames with Beeswax Coated Plastic Foundation.

Foundation color may vary

What size is right for me?

Did you know the only difference in measurements between 10 frame and 8 frame boxes is the width? 8 frame equipment is narrower than 10 frame, and not always compatible with other 8 frame equipment as dimensions vary slightly by manufacturers. 10 frame equipment offers more space for brood and honey production.


  • 14.40 inches
  • 13.80 LBS

Box Dimensions

Box Dimensions


  • 2

    Bad box

    by THOMAS D BURLETTE on Apr 01, 2024

    I needed a medium super sort of emergency. The box came and was in pretty bad shape. The frone panel was split and cracked across the face. The staples missed the wood in two places. I had to take it partially apart to glue it back. If you inspect your product you missed this one. Would have sent back but it was an emergency. Sad that you shipped this to a bee keeper. Wow.

  • 5

    Honey Super

    by Francis Gary on Feb 25, 2024

    Great product as always

  • 5

    Honey Supers

    by Francis Gary on Feb 20, 2024

    Always the best products and fast shipping.

  • 5


    by Test Tester on Jun 28, 2022