Traditional Complete Hive Kit, 10 Frame

$149.50 - $170.00

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Start a new colony with our Traditional Complete Hive Kit. Once your bees draw out most of the foundation, you can add a second deep hive body. Don't forget a feeder to complete your kit!

  • 1 9⅝” (24.45 cm) Assembled Deep Hive Body with Assembled frames w/Plastic Coated Beeswax Foundation
  • Assembled Telescoping Cover w/Notched Inner Cover
  • Assembled Bottom Board w/Reducer
  • Entrance reducer and notched inner cover are not painted
  • Foundation color may vary

What size is right for me?

Did you know the only difference in measurements between 10 frame and 8 frame boxes is the width? 8 frame equipment is narrower than 10 frame, and not always compatible with other 8 frame equipment as dimensions vary slightly by manufacturers. 10 frame equipment offers more space for brood and honey production.


  • 21.00 inches
  • 35.70 LBS


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    Traditional complete Hive Kit

    by Kevin Trostle on May 07, 2022

    I highly recommend the complete hive kit for new beekeepers. The current price and quality of the materials and workmanship is excellent for those of us just starting our adventure with bee keeping. This item will be my go to as I build more colonies.