10 Frame 9 5/8" Unassembled Complete Hive Kit w/o Foundation


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Product Details


  • 1 9⅝” (24.45 cm) Unassembled 10 Frame Hive Body
  • 1 Telescoping Cover w/Notched Inner Cover
  • 1 Bottom Board w/Reducer
  • 10 9⅛” (23.18 cm) Unassembled Wedge Top/Split Bottom Frames
  • 7D, 1¼” & ⅝” Nails for assembly
  • Foundation Not Included

What size is right for me?

Did you know the only difference in measurements between 10 frame and 8 frame boxes is the width? 8 frame equipment is narrower than 10 frame, and not always compatible with other 8 frame equipment as dimensions vary slightly by manufacturers. 10 frame equipment offers more space for brood and honey production.


  • 10.30 x 19.80 x 24.10 inches
  • 30.60 LBS


  • 5

    Bee Super

    by Rebecca Nealy on May 10, 2022

    Very well made and easy to assemble. I love the frames with optional inserts.

  • 4

    Very pleased with this product. The cuts and corners were straight and square. This allowed easy assembly without the aid of a suggested builder's square. The frames fit neatly into the hive and there was even a protective cover on the metal lid.

    by Steve on May 07, 2022

    The wood had a few discolorations but this was covered up by a primer and top coat of paint.