Southern Bred Russian-Hybrid Queen Bee

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If you're looking for honey bees that excel in honey production and adapt to ever-changing nectar and pollen flows, Russian-Hybrid Queen Bees are the ideal choice. Bred from Russian queens and Italian drones, they offer excellent wintering, superior mite resistance, high honey yield, efficient brood rearing, and queen replacement capability.

If you're seeking queen bees that not only excel in honey production but also display unique adaptability to ever-changing nectar and pollen flows, Russian-Hybrid Queen Bees are the ideal solution for your beekeeping needs. The Russian-Hybrid bee is less likely to rob from other hives and are known for protecting their hive fiercely. These bees have been meticulously selected and bred to thrive in diverse conditions, offering beekeepers the perfect choice for their ever-evolving challenges.

Strengths of our Russian-Hybrid Queen Bees:

  • Excellent Wintering
  • Superior Mite Resistance
  • High Honey Yield
  • Efficient Brood Rearing
  • Queen Replacement Capability

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    Southern Bred Russian Hybrid Queen

    by Ian Snair on Jun 04, 2023

    So far so good.They definitely make multiple queen cells which is good for me expanding my apiary, bad for those who do not do regular inspections. Drone population is high. Brood count is great I recommend 2 deep chambers. No hive beatles or varroa yet and guard bees seek out threats at further distance from entrance compared to Italian carniolin colonies. Workable hive with tendencies to protect brood and make tight clusters making it difficult for queen spotting. Colony takes advantage of empty space making drone brood and queen cells wherever space is available. Metal queen excluder ineffective keeping brood below without empty space below (possible 2 queen situation) They are first out and last to return in my apiary flying in cooler temps through light rain. Overall These genetics require more work to inspect/spot queens, manage swarm control, protective gear, positives are less pests, Queen insurance , durability and ability to forage longer and in inclement weather. 2023 no sugar feed strong flows Haven't been through dearth yet. SW VA