Bee Cozy Winter Wraps

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Using Bee Cozy Winter Wraps helps honey bees withstand winter temperatures by insulating the hive from wind, cold, and precipitation. These simple-to-use devices help create a toasty environment for hibernating bees. They can slumber through winter without the threat of a temperature dip freezing their hive.

Bee Cozy: A Time-Tested Solution

For more than 23 years, these cozy winter-insulated wraps have helped to protect honey production. These Bee Cozy wraps provide one more defense to keep bees healthier for longer. Healthier bees produce more honey.

Place on a hive during autumn before the temperatures fall below 45° Fahrenheit. If temperatures temporarily rise about 23° Fahrenheit, you can still open the lid to quickly insert a pollen pack.

Lightweight and easy to slip on and off, the bee cozy black winter wrap stores easily in the off-season. This reusable cozy winter hive wrap uses R8 insulation to keep bees warm in their hive. Designed to accommodate two deep (9 5/8") boxes. Fits 10-frame hives.

A cozy winter hive wrap helps bees stay warm and allows for good air circulation. To use winter hive wrap properly, leave a small portion of the front entrance exposed to prevent suffocation.

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  • 6.50 x 6.90 x 24.40 inches
  • 2.60 LBS