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What equipment do I need to get started?

We suggest our Deluxe Beekeeping Starter Kit (pages 8-9 of our catalog). This is the superior starter kit for the new beekeeper with everything you need to establish your first colony and the quality protective clothing and tools you will use as your apiary expands. Featuring one of the best all-around educational books The Back Yard Beekeeper, you'll be outfitted with the equipment and knowledge you will need to begin your fascinating adventure in the world of the honeybee. The kit contains two deep hive bodies with frames and foundation (the main living area for the bees where the queen lays her eggs), two supers with frames and foundation (where they will eventually store surplus honey), bottom board with entrance reducer and a telescoping cover with inner cover. This kit comes completely assembled and is available either painted or unpainted. Also included in the kit is our Cotton/Poly Coverall with an attached veil, Mesh Helmet, Leather Gloves, Bee Brush, Queen Excluder, a stainless steel Smoker, Smoker Fuel, and a Hive Tool. The first year you probably won't take the honey from the hive, but leave it for the bees to consume over the winter months.