White Waxed Corrugated Cardboard Nuc Box


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These nucs put the profit back in nuc sales!

Simple to assemble

  • Holds five 9" (23.18 cm) frames
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Optional cap plug and banding straps
  • Ships flat to save shipping charges
  • Brown available by special order, call for details
  • Riteway stapler recommended for assembly.
  • Nuc boxes make great swarm traps.

Place 5 9" (23.18 cm) frames of drawn comb in the box. Secure the lid with either the Poly or Rubber Nuc Strap (sold separately). Position the box in a tree or other location near your apiary. Use our 1½" (3.81 cm) cap plug (FD147, sold separately) to seal the entrance when you are ready to move the swarm.

Nucs are lightweight and easy to ship. There is no need for box returns and frame exchanges when cardboard nuc boxes are a fraction of the cost of wooden nucs.

Boxes are wax injected for greater durability and ship flat to save on shipping charges.


  • 2.85 LBS
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Assembled
  • Holds five 9" (23.18 cm) frames


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    Waxed cardboard nucs

    by Ann Z on May 10th 2022

    A good idea, but badly designed & implemented. The inner panels which support the frames fo not stay folded in until the frames are put in, so it tkes 3 hands, or 2 people to get the first frame in. Then, the supports are not large enough to securely support the frames - the keep falling down off one end or the other. To assure the queens arrived safely, I had to cage them, for fear that they would get smashed between frames in transit, or crawl into the folds through one of the many open spaces. I will not buy these agin, nor recommend them.