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3 Reasons To Use A Beehive Stand

Picture an apiary. Are the hives on the ground or sitting a foot or so above it? As with many aspects of beekeeping, using a hive stand is a matter of personal preference. Some beekeepers never place a hive without setting it up on a stand, while others don’t care either way. 

However, you can discover several good reasons to use a beehive stand. Both you and your beloved honey bees can benefit from the extra height. Learn what a hive stand does and how it can impact your apiary with this rundown.

3 Reasons to use a beehive stand

Save Your Back

Back problems plague adults of all ages. Even if you’re active and healthy, bending over and lifting heavy objects isn’t the easiest—or most enjoyable—thing in the world. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what beekeeping entails. You’ll experience a lot of bending and lifting as you transport supers or take apart hives for inspections. You don’t want to spend your entire hive inspection hunched over the beehive. 

Plus, hive boxes can get heavy when they’re full of bees, comb, and honey. By keeping your hive on a stand, you don’t have to bend as far or lift as high to work in and around your hive.

Make A Comfortable Home

When you place your hive, you have to consider how the land drains and collects water. Your bees won’t enjoy sitting in puddles or mud after heavy rainfall. One of the best reasons to use a beehive stand is that it keeps your colony safe and dry no matter where it sits. In addition to having more comfortable honey bees, the hive is also less likely to experience mold, wood rot, and other moisture issues.

Protect From Predators And Pests

Beekeepers must protect their hives from predators and pests. A hive stand aids in this responsibility. Predators and pests have an easier time entering a hive that sits directly on the ground rather than a foot and a half in the air. Skunks, mice, and other small predators might sneak into your hives to steal honey or munch on bees, but when the hive is on a stand, these critters have to work harder to reach it, slowing them down and giving your bees a better chance of protecting themselves. Predators are sure to lose motivation when they can’t immediately feast on the contents of your hive.

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