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A Guide To Choosing The Location Of Your Beehive

Bees are surprisingly versatile and can make their home in a wide variety of environments. This means that, no matter where you live, it’s possible to find the perfect place for your bees to thrive. When you receive your beehive starter kit and are ready to go, follow this guide to choosing the location of your beehive to give your bees the best home you can.

Easily Accessible

You want your beehives to be functional for both your bees and yourself. Make sure you place the hives somewhere that is easy for you to access when it comes time to harvest the honey. It’s also a good idea to have a few feet of space behind the hive so you have room to work without disturbing the bees coming in and out of the hive’s entrance.

Protection From The Elements

High winds and flooding are both dangerous to your bee colonies. Your hive should be located on firm land where water won’t pool and make the hive sink into the ground. If you can, position it near natural wind blocks, such as trees or shrubs, or build a wind guard nearby.

Plenty Of Sunlight

While you want your hive to be out of the wind, you also want to avoid placing it in deep shade. Bees need warm temperatures inside their hive in order to thrive, and the sunlight can be a big help. It’s also a good idea to face the entrance of the hive toward the sunrise so they can warm up and get active faster in the mornings.

Level Ground

You want the ground beneath your beehive to be as level as possible. If you don’t have level ground to work with, you can place stones, wood, or other materials beneath the hive to create an even foundation. Not only is this better for your bees, but it will make it easier for you to work around the hive as well.

Access To Resources

Of course, an essential rule to follow when choosing the location of your beehive is to make sure there are plenty of nearby resources for your bees. Nectar-rich plants are key to a healthy, happy colony. A clean water source where worker bees can stop and refresh on their journey is also vital.