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What's the Buzz on Perma-Dent Foundation

Perma-Dent Foundation, Mann Lake Ltd

Assembled Frames with Perma-Dent Foundation are wax-coated foundations for use in your bee hives. Mann Lake's Pema-Dent Foundations are made in Hackensack, Minnesota and are BPA/BPS-free! It features a precision cell shape and offers an excellent place for your bees to start building a comb. Perma-Dent comes with the bottom corners of the foundation already cut to form communication holes. Bees like to crawl through them on their way from one frame to another. Designed with our customers in mind! Glued and stapled frames, resulting in a top-quality product that can't be beaten! Assembled frames are shipped to you with our economical Perma-Dent Foundation already inserted so all that's left for you to do is install them in your boxes.

Why Mann Lake Bought Perma-Dent?

Acquiring Framed Perma-Dent Foundation allowed Mann Lake to offer customers a less expensive Foundation option. To hold our quality standards, we are still able to produce this in the US, whereas most less expensive foundation is imported from China. Offering Perma-Dent provided customers a more economical option compared to our industry-standard Rite-Cell. 

Perma-Dent Foundation, Mann Lake Ltd

Perma-Dent Foundation, Mann Lake Ltd

Benefits of using the Perma-Dent Foundation

What's the Buzz on Perma-Dent Foundation - Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply

Perma-Dent Foundation comes in white or black. Black Foundation is better for egg and larvae visibility.  The white Perma-Dent Foundation is not as white as the bee egg. This slight tonal difference makes it easy enough to see eggs on a white foundation. The Foundation is more of an economical choice for a savvy buyer.  Retails at a lower cost than the rite-cell foundation. It's thinner and more flexible. Installs into boxes extremely easily, and the bees draw it out extremely well.

About Assembled Frame Perma-Dent Foundation

Perma-Dent Foundation, Mann Lake Ltd

Available Products

WW970 - White 9 1/8" Frames

WW960 - Black 9 1/8" Frames

WW990 - White 6 1/4" Frames

WW980 - Black 6 1/4" Frames