Honey Filled Candy, 1 lb Bag

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Made with only USA honey, these candies are sure to please! Each piece is individually wrapped and sealed. Assortment includes Apple Honey, Double Honey, Lemon Honey, Strawberry Honey, Grape Honey, and Orange Honey flavors. One pound contains approximately 80 pieces.

Enjoy a soothing sweet treat with the double honey-filled candies from Mann Lake. Whether you want to offer hard candy in your small shop or restaurant or simply love having honey candies on hand in your home or to go, this one-pound bag is sure to satisfy any sugar craving with a wholesome pure honey treat. Enjoy a variety of flavors depending on your craving. Our hard honey candy comes from USA-made homegrown liquid honey and tastes as fresh as it does sweet.

Avoid sugary, processed candy by choosing a natural option that will boost the immune system and provide a healthy source of energy. You’ll never feel guilty when snacking on hard honey candy because it comes from the earth, contains vitamins and minerals, and is created by our favorite natural pollinators—honey bees!


  • 3.30 x 3.90 x 5.20 inches
  • 1.10 LBS