Ropadiar Liquid Organic Oregano Supplement - 1,000 ml Bottle

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RopaDiar Liquid Organic (the only original) is a supplementary feed for poultry. This product is made from oregano oil extracted from the oregano plant. RopaDiar Liquid Organic is an organic product that has no side effects. RopaDiar Liquid Organic was tested by TNO and its effectiveness has been proven over and over again.

For following species: Pigs, poultry, calves lambs, foals, goat kids, rabbits.
Ropadiar Liquid Organic - 1000 ml Bottle
-Optimum intestinal health
-More eggs
-Quality eggs General Dose
2.5-3 ml Stress and Loose Droppings
5-7.5 ml One bottle of this would treat up to 400 Gallons of water at 2.5ml per gallon. It would treat up to 133 gallons at the maximum dosage.
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  • 9.00 x 3.00 x 3.00 inches
  • 1.25 LBS