CheckMite+ Bee Hive Pest Control Strip

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Treatment for Varroa mites is most effective when brood rearing is at its lowest. Checkmite should be applied to all infested colonies in the yard. Use 1 strip for every 5 frames of bees. Remove the strips after 42–45 days. 

This is the only product that has been approved to treat SHB inside the hive! Small-hive-beetle treatment: use a ground drench in addition to CheckMite+. Use 1 strip cut in half and attached to a 5-inch-by-5-inch corrugated square. Remove the strips after 42–45 days.

Why Buy Checkmite 10-Pack?

There are two types of pests that are a nightmare to the bee farmer: the Varroa mite and the small hive beetle. These two pests can wipe out a bee colony and bankrupt the farmer. Checkmite is the pest control solution for bee colony pests.

Checkmite 10-Pack is a guaranteed Varroa mite treatment. When applied effectively, it can rid your colony of pests. Moreover, all products stocked at Mann Lake Bee and AG Supplies are of high quality. Therefore, you are assured that any product you buy from us, including Checkmite, is authentic. In the unlikely scenario that the product is faulty, our stellar customer service is ready to assist you and ensure you get the best product possible.

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