Hive Alive

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Build stronger colonies and increase honey production with the powerful feed supplement Hive Alive! 

Why Choose Hive Alive?

Hive Alive is scientifically proven to give:

  • More bees
  • More honey
  • Reduced overwinter losses
  • Healthy bee gut

Benefits of Hive Alive

Hive Alive contains a variety of unique natural ingredients: 

Seaweed extracts: Have been consistently shown to improve animal health including productivity, immune function, gut health, and nutrition.

Thyme: Blended using a unique emulsification process to ensure that no separation or re-crystallization occurs.

Lemongrass: At the optimal concentration so that it does not cause robbing.

Tiny Bottle — Huge Impact

As little as 2 teaspoons of Hive Alive feed supplement is required per hive for feeding. Simply add to syrup. We recommend feeding a minimum of 1 gallon of activated syrup per hive, but all syrup fed can be activated with Hive Alive.

(100ml feeds 10 hives, 500ml feeds 50 hives, 2L feeds 200 hives)

Additional Benefits of Hive Alive

  • Prevents syrup from fermenting
  • Aids new queen acceptance
  • Reduces bearding/absconding associated with thymol-based miticides
  • Works well in combination with probiotic feeding

Trusted By Beekeepers Around the World

Hive Alive has been fed to millions of hives around the world to increase honey production and promote stronger colonies. Introduce Hive Alive to your hive and watch them thrive!


  • 2.80 inches
  • 4.70 LBS


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    Hive Alive liquid

    by Ron Lauff on Mar 06, 2024

    I use it spring and fall. Truly believe it helps the bees gut biome. I can also mix it in bulk because it stops fermentation. Using it along with the winter fondant for three years.