Mite Away Quick Strips, 30 Pack


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Mite Away Quick Strips are made from natural biodegradable materials and are formic acid polysaccharide gel strips designed to control the parasitic mites called Varroa in honey bees with a high efficacy rate of over 90%. Mite Away Quick Strips have a treatment period of just 7 days and will not leave any residue in the honey or wax.

Mite Away Quick Strips are easy to use. Simply lay them across the top of your brood frames. You can use them during a honey flow if necessary, but you don't need a spacer rim for these strips. As always, when using any acid it's important to wear the recommended safety equipment, and when using these strips in particular, be sure to keep the bottom entrances open the same width as the hive itself.

Mite Away Quick Strips are now available in all states, and they're certified for use in the production of organic honey! Make sure to store them below 77°F (25°C) and away from direct sunlight, and you'll be able to treat your hives twice with each pack. Daytime temperatures must be between 50°F and 84°F (10°C and 29°C) for the treatment to work, though, so keep that in mind. Unfortunately, we can't ship to HI or AK at this time.

Note: If you are ordering medication in advance, please contact us to determine the expiration date of our current inventory.

If this product is picked up at our Woodland, CA location, or shipped to an address in the state of California, a copy of your Operators Identification Number must be on file. You may obtain an Operators Identification Number by calling your county department of agriculture and submit a copy to beekeeper@mannlakeltd.com. If we do not have your Operator’s Identification Number on file, we will contact you prior to shipping your order. Your order will be held until your number is on file.


  • 8.80 x 10.90 x 12.10 inches
  • 20.80 LBS
  • This product can only be shipped within the United States.


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    Great product

    by Elliot on Mar 19, 2022

    This is a great product when used as directed (moderate temps). Nothing else gets into capped brood, so a week is all that's needed. Packages that remain sealed last much longer than shelf life,