Hive Alive™
Hive Alive™ Hive Alive™ Hive Alive™ Hive Alive™

Hive Alive™

Hive Alive™

Hive Alive - 3.44 oz (100 ml)

Product Code: DC-133

Hive Alive™

Hive Alive - 16.9 oz (500 ml)

Product Code: DC-135

Hive Alive™

Hive Alive - 67.63 oz (2 l)

Product Code: DC-137

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Hive Alive™ is a feed supplement combining natural bio-active ingredients which promote intestinal well-being and improved colony strength.

A recent trial performed by the Hellenic Institute of Apiculture, Greece (November 2012 to June 2014) compared 20 colonies with Hive Alive™ activated syrup against 20 colonies fed ordinary sugar syrup. The trial showed that routinely feeding Hive Alive™ to bees nearly doubled (+89%) in colony population in comparison to ordinary sugar syrup when used biannually.

Due to shipping restrictions, Hive Alive cannot ship to North Carolina.

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