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Florida Raised Carniolan Queen Bee - Pickup Only

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An experienced beekeeper knows the importance of finding a suitable queen for the hive, and many consider Carniolan honey bees and their queen honey bee when starting a new hive.

Carniolan bees are quality honey bees known for being highly productive in the hive and are widely skilled at increasing the population during critical nectar flows. The Carniolan honey bee is often less likely to rob from other hives and can operate at colder temperatures.

The Carniolan queen bee is known for her gentle disposition and impressive frugality during winter to decrease honey consumption. For an experienced or beginning beekeeper, this queen bee is an efficient choice to begin a hive, increase brood production in the spring, and create a successful honey flow.

The Carniolan bee and its queen are as follows:

  • Dark in color
  • Mostly gentle
  • Good honey production

At Mann Lake Bee & Ag Supply, shipping honey bees is something we offer, but for this particular line of packaged bees, we’re offering pick-up only.

They are available for pickup from our Winter Haven, FL location.


Queen orders are prepaid. Orders are subject to a $5 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed. By purchasing you agree to our Queen Policy. 


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  • Pickup from our Winter Haven, FL location only