Russian-Hybrid Package Bees, Shipped

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Queens are open-air mated using a Russian queen with Italian drones. Russian-Hybrids are excellent at wintering their hive, have a high honey yield and can rear massive amounts of brood in short times to closely follow nectar and pollen flow.

Strengths of Russian Hybrid honey bees:

  • Excellent at wintering
  • Resistant to varroa and tracheal mites
  • High honey yield
  • Can rear massive amounts of brood in short times to closely follow times of nectar and pollen flow
  • Constantly maintains several supersedure queen cells for immediate queen replacement if the hive loses its current queen

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  • 10.00 x 9.00 x 14.00 inches
  • 5.00 LBS
  • 1 3# Package (approx 10,000-12,000 bees)
  • Cancellations cannot be made within 14 days of the ship date of live bees.
  • Package includes mated queen.
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  • These packages will be shipped via USPS and will require pickup at your local Post Office.