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This package includes approximately 3 lbs of the Carniolan bee species and a laying Carniolan queen bee. Queens are open-air mated.

All About Carniolan Honey Bees

When choosing honey bees for your colony, consider the following key attributes of the Carniolan species:

  • Dark in color
  • Mostly gentle, easy to calm with smoke
  • Good honey production
  • Clusters during winter and keep the hive warm

Choose Carniolans for a Thriving Hive

As a subspecies of the Western honey bee, Carniolans are a popular choice for their adaptability to weather, robust honey production, calm temperament, and foraging abilities.

Carniolans are also impressively resistant to parasites and diseases, ensuring your colony will stay strong and healthy throughout the year.

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Bee Insurance

There is always a risk when shipping live animals, so Mann Lake includes insurance with the purchase of every shipped package. Any package with 1 ½” or more of dead bees spread evenly on the bottom of the package is eligible for a refund or replacement. To file a claim, simply submit a photo of the shipping label and the package showing more than 1 ½” of dead bees on the bottom of the package when spread evenly across the bottom via our website Package Bee Help. We make every effort to ship replacements, if available, on the earliest ship date possible. If we are unable to accommodate a replacement, a refund will be issued within 7-10 business days of submission.


  • 3.00 LBS
  • Shipped packages will ship via USPS Priority Mail & will be held at local Post Office for pickup.
  • An unmarked queen will be included in live bee packages.
  • Honey Bee Genetics produces queens and bees year-round in the temperate climate of the Sacramento Valley in California.
  • They are a leader in the industry because their beekeepers have many years of expertise and care about producing healthy, hygienic, & well-nourished bees.
  • HBG packages install easily and establish strong, hygienic hives that are excellent honey producers.
  • Steve Taber and Tom Parisian began Honey Bee Genetics in 1979 with a goal of breeding a disease resistant stock of hygienic bees with an ability to overcome American Foulbrood. Honey Bee Genetics was purchased by the Tauzer Family in April 2020.
  • Tauzer Apiaries has a long-standing relationship with Honey Bee Genetics and sustains the important queen rearing practices begun by Tom and Steve so long ago. Mark Tauzer and the Tauzer Family have been beekeeping and raising queens since 1973.
  • Honey Bee Genetics follows the same successful breeding techniques of continuously testing our stock for these traits & carefully breeding our queens to produce specific hygienic traits that help create resistance to Varroa mites & other diseases.


  • 5

    Super happy with them! packaged well, and the queen was fine.

    by Tom Laney on May 02, 2024

    Transferred them to my hive yesterday and they have already got to work!!! Wonderful package!

  • 5

    California Carniolian Bees

    by Dara Pierce on Apr 17, 2024

    I got two packages of bees. They were packaged very nicely. Very few dead bees in the bottom. The bees are gentle. Thank you for quality bees and queen!